Boosh is not The Mighty Boosh

boosh - Posted on 14 June 2006

I seem to get a lot of hits from the UK. I think possibly people are looking for the home page of the comedy team "The Mighty Boosh". While I retain the rights to the name (Boosh), I've been called for the last 28 years, I have no problem sharing it. Just remember they are 'The Boosh', and I am just 'Boosh'. Anyway, this seems to be their official website: (Update) Season 1 is finally coming out in the US! Only $24 on pre-order at Amazon. (edit) Season 2 and Season 3 now available as well: Or pre-order the 3 season special edition boxed set for about $55. I've seen a bit of their stuff, and it doesn't seem to be my type of humo(u)r. Give me The (British) Office anyday. (Although the American 'The Office' isn't so bad). Anyway. Cheers, -boosh


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